Noida Twin Towers demolition: Preparations and checklist for nearby residents

A part of Supertech’s Emerald Court project, the two 40-story towers, that stand on Noida-Greater Noida expressway, houses over 900 flats in an area of around 7.5 lakh sq. feet.

India’s tallest building Noida Twin Towers, which is even taller than Qutub Minar, will be razed to the ground tomorrow, August 28, in pursuance of a Supreme Court order. At least 3,700 kilos of explosives would be used to destroy them. The explosive wire connections, which have been installed on every floor, will be completed within the next two to three days. It will take only 9 seconds to finish the job.

The twin towers are being demolished because of serious violations of building codes. Supreme Court said, the Noida Authority and Supertech had engaged in “nefarious complicity” and ordered the company to demolish the buildings at its own expense under the guidance of the Noida Authority.

A part of Supertech’s Emerald Court project, the two 40-story towers, that stand on Noida-Greater Noida expressway, houses over 900 flats in an area of around 7.5 lakh sq. feet.

The residents residing at neighboring buildings of the twin towers are afraid that implosion will crack their glass windowpanes and even cause structural issues to the buildings.

Many people living in structures near Supertech’s twin pinnacles have chosen to go for get-away vacation while many will set up at lodgings on Sunday, when the designs are set to be destroyed with the assistance of explosives.

Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner Arvind Kumar had even said that the preparations for the demolition are completed. He also issued guidelines after CM Yogi Adityanath visited to the site for review.


A look into preparations of Supertech demolition

1) The Noida Police prohibited the use of drones in the city from 26 to 31 August as it cited security concerns in the wake of the demolition of Supertech’s illegal towers. Moreover, the authority has said that one nautical mile of air space around the twin tower demolition site will remain briefly unavailable for flights on 28 August

2) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reviewed the preparations for the destruction of the Supertech Twin Towers and asked the management to ensure that the process won’t cause any harm to the nearby people

3) The chief minister also directed the officials to take care of the environmental challenges because of the demolition.

4) To clear the dust generated after the destruction, water tankers, sprinklers, and smog guns will be used. Sweeping machines will clean the dust settled on the road after the demolition.

5) People living near the building will be taken out of their residence at 7 am before demolition. Along with this, alternate parking arrangements and the protection of gardens will also be ensured.

6) Traffic will be halted near the Twin Towers during demolition. Moreover, the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway will also remain closed for half an hour due to safety reasons at that time.

7) The Noida health department is preparing for any untoward situation that may arise in the aftermath of the razing down of India’s tallest structures. Besides the government hospitals, three private-run hospitals are also readying themselves to accommodate patients in case of emergency situation.

8) Six ambulances will be deployed at the site with medical team and medicines. Safe houses will be set up in JP Hospital, Felix Hospital and Yatharth Hospital along with the District Hospital in Sector 30, Noida, according to news agency PTI. Felix hospital has reserved around 50 beds for the demolition day.


Checklist for nearby residents to follow on demolition day

1) Close the windows and the doors tightly during the time of the blast.

2) If there is no rain or high wind speed, dust particles can remain in the air for many days. Dust can also enter your home, so it is advised to clean all the surfaces daily at least once, or even multiple times.

3) If dust enters the house and settles, clean with wet mop or vacuum cleaner to remove it permanently. Wash all the linen and curtains, roll up and store the carpets for a couple of days after the demolition.

4) Plug on the air purifier. Switch on the ACs but clean the filter before and a couple of days after the blast.

5) For individuals who take any medication, keep all existing medications beforehand. Individuals suffering from Asthma, COPD, or other lung-related disease patients, who are on Inhalers, can take a few puffs for a few days following the demolition.

6) If the pollution levels are high, some may experience sore throat, itching in the eyes, nose, and skin. Senior citizens may experience lethargy and feverish feeling.

7) Some may experience general body aches and pains. Patients on Inhalers may feel chest congestion, increased cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat etc.

8) Keep yourself well hydrated. Eat fresh fruits and make sure you wash them properly before taking a bite.


Where the explosives have been placed?

The explosives, for the demolition of Noida twin towers, have been placed in around 9,600 holes drilled into the columns of the towers, and these will be detonated sequentially with a gap of milliseconds, Joe Brinkmann, managing director of Jet Demolition (Pty) Ltd., a South African firm that is working with India’s Edifice Engineering, the company that is managing the demolition for Supertech Ltd., the midsize local developer that built the towers.

According to Brinkmann as quoted by The Wall Street Journal, both the towers will collapse within 12½ seconds from the moment he presses the button for the first explosion

If all the explosives were to be ignited simultaneously, Brinkmann said, the towers would fall straight down, which would pose greater risks for adjacent buildings, as well as a nearby gas pipeline. “We want these buildings to twist and to turn and to fall the way we want to,” he said.


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