10 such billionaires who have become Khakpati today


The owner of Cafe Coffe Day, due to the pressure of not making profitable business, killed himself by jumping from the bridge.

UK had once included in the list of the richest people, now the world's biggest bank has dissolved them.

Pramod Mittal

Mehul Choksi

Gitanjali brand owned by Chehul Choksi, Gitanjali has about 4000 outlets.

In 1987, he entered the IT world, the owner of Satyam Computer.

Ramalinga Raju

vijay mallya

Rajya Sabha MPs, owners of Kingfisher Airlines, mourn the girls, ruined by their wrong decisions

King of Diamond

Nirav Modi

Ranbaxy inherited from his grandfather ruined by brother's wrong policies

Ranbaxy Brother

The owner of Unitech and the king of real estate used to call Ramesh Chandra

RAMESH Chandra

He was counted among the most powerful people of India, was famous by the name of Sahara Parivar.

Subrata Roy

Used to be the richest of Forbes, since 2010, all their policies have failed.


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