Tips for Enjoying Goa’s New Year Partie

On New Year’s literally every hotel, night club, bar and shack will have some sort of party happening 

Alot of events are announced on Facebook and Whatsapp. Also download the Party Hunt App and check out What’s Up Goa to find out what’s on

Entry prices for Goa New Year parties can be pretty expensive and depend on the artist and venue. 

 New Year parties you can often get a cheaper price by booking your tickets in advance online on Pay TM , MadVibes or Book My Show.

31st December too which is the best way to celebrate Goa New Years on a budget.

But be aware that drinking and cooking on the beach or in public areas is illegal in Goa  

Could land you in trouble with the police

Good spot in one of the beach shacks early to enjoy your drinks and food in there.

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